Understanding PDO Thread Lifts: How It Works and What to Expect

The quest for a youthful appearance has led to the emergence of numerous aesthetic treatments. Among the most intriguing and revolutionary is the Thread Lift treatment, a.k.a the lunchtime lift. This minimally invasive procedure is designed to lift sagging skin, tighten the skin, and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Read and learn more about […]

Forget Surgery! Look Younger With PDO Threads

As you age, your body’s collagen production decreases. When that happens, your skin tends to lose both volume and lift, especially around the lower face or jowls. In the past, patients opted for a surgical face lift for its skin tightening benefits. Today, we have non-surgical lifting treatments to choose from, and one of the […]

What Is Collagen And How Can PDO Threads Help Stimulate Its Production

pdo thread chart

Did you know that your skin’s natural elasticity, youthfulness, and radiance come from essential structural proteins known as collagen and elastin? Unfortunately, aging causes a natural decline in the production of collagen and elastin, leading to sagging skin, wrinkles, and creases that can make you look older than you are. If you’re looking for a […]

What Can PDO Threads Do For Your Skin?

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Are you tired of sagging skin, but aren’t too keen on getting a traditional facelift? Why not try PDO threads instead? A PDO thread lift is a relatively quick procedure that can lift sagging skin and promote the body’s natural collagen production, thus giving you a more youthful appearance over time. Read on to learn […]

Aftercare for PDO Thread Lifts: Do’s and Don’ts

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A PDO or Polydioxanone thread lift is a procedure that uses dissolvable sutures to tighten and lift up the sagging skin. The sutures also stimulate the production of collagen – a protein that gives structure and adds elasticity to your skin. The procedure is non-surgical, minimally invasive, and can be completed in under 60 minutes. […]