Can Laser Facial Help With Dark Spots?

dark spots on face



Wrinkles and fine lines aren’t the only signs of aging that show up after years and years of unprotected sun exposure.

Dark spots are a common concern among the 40 and above crowd. And unlike wrinkles and fine lines that can be addressed with a shot of Botox or dermal fillers, treating dark spots can take quite a bit more time. 

Some people go for chemical facials or other similar treatments to try and exfoliate the spots away, for instance. However, these don’t always penetrate as deeply nor can they target the spots as effectively.

This is where laser treatments come in. As of now, they’re currently the most preferred way for treating dark spots in a safe and effective way.

Let’s find out why.

What Causes Dark Spots?

spots on faceSometimes called age spots or sun spots, brown spots tend to show up on the skin around middle age. Sun exposure is the most likely culprit, as people who spent lots of time outdoors without sunscreen on (!) in their youth are more prone to getting brown spots once they hit their 40’s.

This prolonged exposure triggers an excess of melanin production and causes hyperpigmentation to develop, particularly along the cheeks and forehead.

Unfortunately, dark spots don’t go away by themselves and if they’re left untreated, they could accumulate on the skin over time. The more they’re allowed to accumulate, the harder they’ll be to treat.

Treating Dark Spots With Safe and Effective Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are usually the best option for zapping away those dark spots. There are various lasers available, but they fundamentally work in the same way.

The laser is adjusted to a certain frequency and applied to the dark spots, which absorb all that light and eventually peel off after a few days. (The surrounding skin, which isn’t as pigmented, won’t pick up the light as well, so it will remain unaffected.) 

Some laser treatments also increase cellular turnover and renewal to help speed up the appearance of a healthy, new layer of skin. 

In the hands of a certified professional, these laser treatments are very safe and effective for most skin tones (although people with darker skin may want to opt for alternative treatments just to be safe). They also generally don’t take long and aren’t all that painful, with most patients describing the sensation as similar to flicking a rubber band onto the skin.

Redness and swelling are perfectly normal after the treatment, but these will go away after a few days. The treated area also gradually flakes away within 4-7 days to reveal clearer skin, though some patients may require more than one treatment to get their desired results.

It’s important to note that a complementary skin care regimen is crucial to maintaining an even-toned complexion. Laser treatments like a laser facial can help fade brown spots, but they will come back if you don’t take measures to protect yourself from excessive sun exposure. 

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