Can Getting Dermal Fillers In My 20s Help Fight Signs Of Aging?



Dermal fillers have become more prominent to the wave of courageous millennials—shoutout to famous celebs out there!

While dermal fillers have been well-known for softening outlines and increasing volume in women over the age of 40, they’re now being used on a younger generation of clients. Women in their twenties are getting dermal fillers to prevent aging.

The average age of cosmetic injectable clients has now been reducing in recent years. The cause could be partly attributed to the widespread availability and success of cosmetic injectables, brand personality, advertisements, and other factors. However, the possibility is somehow connected to the well-known advantages of injectables at an early age.

More About Dermal Fillers

Before delving into the effects of filler on younger skin, it’s important to understand what this product is and how it’s used.

Botox, which greatly works by “freezing” muscles to reduce wrinkles, is different from dermal fillers. On the other hand, dermal filler is an injectable treatment modality used to soften the facial structure and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They are injected beneath the skin with a needle.

Dermal fillers are a safe and effective alternative for those who choose to try a temporary measure. Filler appears to be a throwaway beauty remedy rather than a dangerous surgical procedure, owing to its reputation as a consumer choice for those wondering about the outcomes. It doesn’t hurt that several experts regard fillers in the same way that they do Botox as a preventive treatment that halts the signs of aging. While Botox prevents you from making wrinkle-causing expressions, some fillers claim to stimulate collagen production.

The Young Patients and Dermal Fillers

Patients in their twenties have the free will to enhance the appearance of fine lines as a result of everyday facial expressions. However, the desire for contoured cheeks and fuller lips affect their wants. Here are some of the most highly-requested use of dermal fillers:

Achieving that Perfect Pout

One of the primary reasons behind the increase in the millennial filler is to achieve fuller lips. At any age, products like dermal fillers smoothen the outlines, add volume, and correct lip structure. Pouting is a very popular cover girl practice.

More Defined Cheeks

Cheekbones are what you either have or don’t have. If not, dermal fillers can help define your cheekbones while also incorporating fullness to your cheek apples. With the help of such fillers, it becomes easier to obtain the best results an individual might be looking for while maintaining a natural look. 

Elongated Chins

Having fillers in the chin and jawline areas can ultimately provide you with the jawline and chin you have been dreaming of if your natural facial structure doesn’t satisfy you. It can be achieved with the help of innovative technology and the right fillers such as Restylane Lyft or Juvederm Voluma, plus your provider’s expertise.

Waiting until your natural collagen is drained or your age spots are bigger than ever is no longer an option as dermal fillers are here to assist.

Benefits of Using Dermal Fillers at 20

Since we start to lose collagen just after the age of 25, it’s critical to treat fine lines as soon as possible. While not all twenty-something want to fill frown lines, or just any lines at all, attempting to prevent them before they even appear is precisely what these fillers do to make aging graceful. The ability to give oneself the volume and shape of your fantasies is just one of the benefits of using filler. It can also help prevent collagen loss.

We lose collagen as we get older, leading to the skin losing elasticity and, eventually, sagging. This process starts at the age of 20, but if you begin using fillers early on, you may be able to delay it, enabling you to maintain a much younger, wrinkle-free look for longer.

Countless patients in their twenties don’t even have serious wrinkles to undergo cosmetic procedures. Having facial fillers in their twenties can be primarily about appearance. Dermal fillers are a simple procedure with little discomfort and downtime. The majority of the soreness, bruising, and pain associated with injections fade away within a few hours.

Fillers do much more than fight and smooth away the early indications of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also smooth the surrounding lines, plump the lips, reduce chin pebbling, and enhance your jawline.

The Takeaway

Your safety and the effectiveness of its outcomes will be heavily reliant on your choice of provider. It requires time and effort to find somebody who is experienced, eligible, trained, and has a great sense of aesthetics, and it must be your primary concern.

Every individual is unique, and numerous factors affect the success of every professional anti-aging or skincare procedure. If you want to try dermal fillers or any other injectable treatment, discuss your requirements and objectives with your doctor.

We have highly-skilled experts who can help you with your aesthetic needs. Call us today, we are more than happy to help answer any questions.