5 things you should know before getting Botox!

botox facial areas



You’ve heard about people getting botox, but know nothing about it?

Using Botox to reduce the signs of aging is a quick, relatively painless procedure. A botox treatment is an alternative to surgically removing years from your face if you are not interested in undergoing surgery. 

You can decide whether the procedure is right for you after conducting some research and preparing for it. Before you get injected with Botox, we’ve gathered the top 5 things you need to know. Check them out below!

1.   Consult with the experts at LUXE Medical Aesthetics!

Consultations are recommended before getting Botox from a clinic. 

Professionals ask patients to raise their eyebrows, frown, and smile. Using these expressions, the doctor can correctly place injections based on how your face naturally moves.

An evaluation of your health should also be part of the consultation. You should be transparent about any medications that you’re on, allergies and any underlying conditions that affect the outcome of botox.
While looking for Botox treatment, you shouldn’t be concerned about price. The most important thing to consider is finding an expert.  

You should have a consultation with a reputable practitioner prior to any treatment, in order to fully comprehend the risks as well as the desired outcome.

botox injection2.   Botox is safe!

Botox is an acclaimed and FDA-approved procedure. When performed by a licensed and trained practitioner Botox is safe and effective. You might experience some minor side effects of the medication that are temporary, such irritation or redness at the site of injection or temporary headaches.  

However, it is important to remember that you should avoid rubbing your face or any kind of facial massage immediately after getting it. This is because rubbing might spread it unintentionally throughout your face, causing the eyelid to droop or sag. 

3.   Botox can help get back that youthful glow!

Botox works wonders when it comes to making your skin smooth and your face wrinkle-free. The procedure itself is minimally invasive and results last longer than 3-4 months. Moreover, you can control which areas you want to target. In short, you can get younger looking skin in no time!

4.   Botox needs touch ups every 3-4 months!

You might get your desired results as soon as you get your first botox. However, the effects of botox subsides within 3-4 

The first signs of the effects will be noticeable within 3 days, but you will feel the full impact in 2 weeks. 

Individuals experience it for different lengths of time. The average injection lasts between three and six months. 

Moreover, how many units were used and which areas were injected determine the result. Quality of Botox also plays a significant role.

5.   Aftercare for botox!

In the first few hours following the treatment, it’s recommended not to lie down for too long. Exercise should be avoided and aspirin, vitamin E, and ibuprofen should not be taken for 24 hours. 

During the first 48 hours following the treatment, the treated areas should not be rubbed or massaged. After the first fews days have passed, you can go back to doing everything you used to do.

In a nutshell!

Getting Botox can be quite simple, but you should do your research and be sure to trust your medical professional.  

Botox injections can give you the youthful look you want and boost your confidence from the inside out.