Dysport® is primarily used to treat frown lines, commonly used as glabellar lines. Glabellar lines are the vertical wrinkles that appear between your eyebrows. This injectable relaxes the facial muscles, thus, smoothing the resulting wrinkles and preventing new wrinkles from forming as well. 

Dysport® is comprised of a modified form of Botulinum toxin A, which works as a neuromodulator. 

Here’s what you need to know about this treatment.

Are Dysport® and Botox® the same? 

They’re both neurotoxins that are used to relax wrinkles, but there are key differences. 

Dysport®, for instance, is less concentrated and spreads faster over a larger area while requiring less injections, making it especially suitable for bigger areas like the forehead. 

Botox®, on the other hand, is more concentrated and doesn’t spread as quickly, which is perfect if you want to target smaller wrinkles like crow’s feet and don’t want the toxin to spread to the surrounding area.

Another difference between Dysport® and Botox® is the average price per unit. Dysport® is cheaper than Botox®, but its results tend to kick in a little faster. 

Who is a good candidate for Dysport®?

Dysport® is safe enough for patients who are at least 18 or older. It’s ideal for patients who want to treat existing lines and wrinkles and also to prevent such. 

That being said, some conditions aren’t suitable for this procedure, which are:

  • Pregnancy
  • Allergies to botulinum toxin or milk

And if you’re on blood thinners, muscle relaxants, sleep medication, or any other similar drugs, you need to inform your injector beforehand.

Is Dysport® permanent?

Like other wrinkle relaxers, the results are not permanent, but they can last up to 3 months, depending on how fast your body metabolizes the substance.

This is why follow-up treatments are sometimes required to maintain results.

Is Dysport® safe?

Yes, Dysport® is safe, and has been FDA approved since 2009. 

However, only a qualified and experienced injector can give you beautiful, natural-looking results. Here at Luxe, our injector underwent the necessary training and certification to administer injectables, leaving countless patients happy with their treatments.

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Keralase is a revolutionary new treatment for hair loss (improved over PRP) using Lutronic Ultra laser and KeraFactor. KeraFactor serum has proprietary biometric synthetic versions of growth factors and proteins which promote hair growth. Ultra alone showed significant improvements in scalp revitalization.

Lutronic Ultra laser creates tiny “microchannels” in the scalp which help to increase the absorption of KeraFactor. KeraFactor is then applied and massaged into the scalp. There is minimal pain, no bleeding, and no downtime. No needles or shots are required.


KeraFactor has highly concentrated levels of growth hormones and proteins that specifically boost hair growth and affects all 4 stages of the hair life cycle. Kerafactor is coated with nano-liposomes which aid its absorption, allowing for enhanced delivery of growth hormones directly to the hair follicles. Each nano-liposome contains thousands of each specific growth factor.

Platelets have variable amounts of growth factors depending on the genetics and health conditions of the person. Platelets also contain growth factors that actually inhibit hair growth. Platelet therapy requires a blood draw, centrifuge, followed by multiple injections into the scalp. Even after numbing medication, the injections can be painful and lead to bruising or hematomas.